The Integration Field Trip

A joint project with the Ministry of Education, which enables children with physical disabilities to go on class field trips and join the rest of their classmates by using The Gilgulon (Special auxiliary equipment).

The Boat is Sailing

A rehabilitative sailing program in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense for IDF veterans and war prisoners coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which greatly improves the functioning and quality of life of the participants.

Etgarim for Life

An educational program which uses a variety of challenging sports designed for people coping with mental disorders as part of the rehabilitation basket in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Summer Camp

The Etgarim summer camp allows all children and youth with special needs to enjoy an empowering and challenging summer experience, to sleep in an outdoor camp, and to participate in various unique challenging and social activities.

Climbing Up

A groundbreaking program for youth at risk throughout the country, based on challenging activities and volunteering to nurture leadership, social responsibility and preparation for meaningful military/national service.